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Expand your impact as an influencer with our affiliate program

partnership with visionboard.tv You already enjoy respect and demand as a speaker, trainer, author, consultant, coach, or other type of personal development professional. You have access to motivated audiences of men, women, and organizations eager to excel and grow, while moving toward greater life balance and enduring greatness in their lives, and in their various fields of work.

At visionboard.tv, we’ve made it easy for you to utilize your mailing list(s) or other customer/member touch points in order to create true win-win-win scenarios. You offer those you influence our preeminent tool for personal development, and creation of the ideal life on their own terms. While doing so, you simultaneously procure added revenue for yourself with an ultimate level of effortless ease!

When you sign up as one of our valued Professional Visionboard.tv Affiliates, you can easily move your particular audience(s) to actionable knowledge, and thus to educated action for life and business success.

How do you model our most successful Affiliates among speakers, trainers, authors and other winning influencers?

First of all, you probably don’t need much help from us, since you can easily determine the course of action that suits you and your audience(s) in an optimal fashion. That said, here are a few examples of concerted efforts shown to create the aforementioned win-win equation:

  • You own one or more mailing lists, along with one or several websites. Place one of our banners (see below) on your site, and plug Visionboard.tv in conjunction with the banner. You receive a 30% revenue share for each and every click-through that ends up making a purchase, and we’ll keep paying you for the lifetime of every customer.

  • By encouraging your clients to become Affiliates themselves as well, note the fact that our 2-tiered system automatically computes additional earnings in your favor. We’ll pay you a 10% Sub-Affiliate revenue share on every sale the Affiliates you procure make! Again, we apply the cherished concept of paying you for the full lifetime of each and every Visionboard member (customer) your Sub-Affiliates bring in!

  • The 2-tiered approach has proven successful, to say the least. Professionals from a host of personal development fields worldwide now realize how valuable the combination of promoting sales to end-users with encouragement for their followers to become Affiliates themselves as well really is. Now, we’re suddenly talking the bona fide triple-win equation!

  • For added effect and increased earnings; combine a banner on your site with a neat little write-up in your eNewsletter, in which you use the same banner (or URL), and your sales will typically double, triple, quadruple, or go even beyond that!

  • Send a special mailing to your list, or include your Affiliate URL in other types of communication with your audiences, and see your residuals increase. You may even contact us for an inspiring feature interview with our Founder, Birgit Semundseth, or with our Chairman, Kristen L. Skogrand, and combine your Affiliate URL in conjunction with the interview. The results? Typically very beneficial!

  • You might offer eBooks, or have your own blog alongside your other online and offline communication and interactive tools. The more frequently you point your readers/listeners/viewers to your unique Affiliate URL (or the Affiliate banner itself), the wider and deeper you’ll penetrate your audience. That goes for end-user sales as well as recruitment of those important Sub-Affiliates. This will result in enhanced earnings for you, while planting seeds and methodologies for enduring greatness among the men and women you impact at the same time.

  • The opportunities are endless. We have great faith in the latter, and simply stand by to co-act with and support you every step of the way!

  • We want you to be richly remunerated for the hard work you put in as you built and prepared your audiences for new levels of success, life balance, and continual growth and goal achievements. We welcome you as one of our Professional Affiliate Liaisons, and – together with you – we look forward to blanketing the world with a tool time tested and proven as pre-eminently effective among all comparable transformative success technologies in existence today! Sign up now, and may your continued undertakings as a leading influencer with such critical impact remain one of joy, and handsome rewards!

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