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Private Label

Turnkey and profitable opportunity for proactive influencers desirous of broadening their impact while deepening their massive appeal!

partnership with visionboard.tv Whether as an individual or a leader in your organization, your name carries huge value to the people you care about. Right? The idea behind our Private Label Offering is simple enough. We hope to stir within you - because you do make a difference, and your leadership counts, that taking advantage of the turnkey business model below matters. It will mean the world to the beneficiaries of your wise decisions, and multi-layered opportunities and growth potential for yourself as well!

At lifemastering, the owner of Visionboard.tv, we have decided to allow a select few to receive a complete, private labeled version of the highly proprietary software and related technological solutions powering our one-of-a-kind visualization, goal-setting and goal achievement program.

Just imagine for a second: Having your own Visionboard, totally customized and tailored to those you serve, and even to the additional people you’ll influence in the future (much also as a result of YOUR visionboard!). Nothing beats the combination of a turnkey offering like ours, with the fact that you can rest assured of its market attraction, and our thorough proof of concept!

We’ve spent over 3 years, and huge amounts, in order to ensure that you now have immediate access to the robust methodology and appealing support service enabling you to launch your customized and branded Visionboard. This will literally occure in a handful of weeks, vs. months or even years of R&D, trial and error, and other time or cash intensive requirements typically involved in such a superb rollout.

We’ve completed everything for you and your entity. The only small step we’ll have to take together in order to make the Visionboard you see presented on this site your very own, unique, and revenue creating centerpiece or companion product, is final customization. We have done this with world renowned clients before, and today – we stand ready, willing and able to do exactly the same for you, and every other approved Private Label candidate!

Let’s expand and deepen our joint impact as positive influencers through a streamlined synergistic interplay at your earliest convenience. The revenue splits favoring Private Label Liaisons are phenomenal, and our follow-up support unmatched. Turnkey, top-shelf quality and effortless ease are operative words here, and we stand by them at all times!

Interested? Many are, and by contacting us right now, in which you briefly describe yourself and (eventually) your company or organization, we’ll respond quickly. We’ll also make sure you get to deal at an executive level within our Company for optimal speed and decisiveness; and thus exciting, turnkey, and distinctly profitable new Private Label rollouts!

We welcome your inquiry; and remain solidly committed to your continued success!

Sincerely yours,
On Behalf of the Visionboard.tv Team

Lifemastering USA & Lifemastering Int’l.

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