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How to effortlessly attract inspiration, health, wealth, happiness, satisfaction and true purpose into your life, starting today!

As proven by everyday men and women in more than 40 countries, visionboard.tv is the easiest, most cost-effective, versatile, fun and powerful system - enabling you to transform your dreams from mere hopes to manifested realities in your life!

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Web-TV: How it all started

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? What would you aim for if there were no obstacles preventing you from getting what you want? What goes through your mind amid these thoughts? What words are you telling yourself? How do you feel about yourself right now?

Quietly imagine this no-limit scenario for a few seconds. Are you able to see yourself doing what you would do if you knew you could not fail? Are you able to envision yourself having attracted everything that's important to you into your life if there was nothing preventing you from getting it? And, importantly, are you able to exuberantly enjoy the feelings and emotions you will experience once the above actually becomes a reality? Ponder. Reflect. Feel!

Difficult? Don't worry! Most of us limit our own performance due to self-doubt and self-limiting thoughts. The good news? These are learned patterns, and every destructive habit we have learned, can be de-learned! When you start using our system, you finally allow this critical process to kick in immediately. You are about to embark on the rest and the best of your life with a powerful visualization and positive affirmation tool backed by a caring team that will come alongside you for creating the life you've always wanted!

As one of our avid users stated: "I enjoyed your Web-TV presentation "Explore the Visionboard”. It made me realize that it's never too late for a new beginning. My revived journey has started, and I love the results! Thanks a million!"

Why don't you watch it too, then continue reading about the benefits, user-friendliness and stunning offer we have reserved for you today?! What you will see comes from a group of people passionate about warming your heart, inciting your spirit, emboldening your outlook, energizing your life journey, and giving you that deep sense of peace and restful joy that appears when you truly can say:

"WOW – I’m really on my way again, seeing and affirming my future! I combine a mind focused and wired for success, with the emotions and neurology necessary for the Law of Attraction to work massively in my favor - and in favor of those I love and care for!"

"As a Career Counselor and Coach, it is imperative for me to know that each client remains self-sufficient and confident, even after we complete the coaching relationship. It is therefore utterly reassuring to know that visionboard.tv offers simple, user-friendly, and very effective visualization and goal achievement tools and methods. They equip my clients when it comes to maintaining a crystal clear vision and continually staying focused on their goals, while anchoring experiences of true mastery along the way!"
- Alf J. Merkesdal, Coach, NLP Master Practitioner
"Visionboard.tv is a truly powerful tool that helps me determine, visualize, and ultimately reach my goals. As a Communications Consultant running my own company, I apply the Visionboard for empowerment and growth, personally as well as professionally. I wholeheartedly recommend it to my friends, relatives, and clients. It is useful, motivating, and simply fun to work with!"
- Catherine Lemaréchal, Communication Trainer and Coach

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Read about why visionboards work.

"Within Direct Sales and Marketing, all sales and distribution are done by independent distributors. Self management and motivated distributors are therefore extremely important for the company's sales. We invited Birgit Semundseth to teach us the importance of goal setting and the value of deliberating focusing on them. We also tested out using the Vision Board. We experienced such great response and results that LR Health & Beauty Systems Norway chose to give the Vision Board and Semundseth's teaching to all the distributors for free to those who achieved a specific minimum sale in 2007. We are so pleased with the results that we have continued to use this tool in 2008."
- Kristin Flaen, CEO LR Health & Beauty Systems Norway


    If you don’t know what you really want, or find it difficult to imagine a problem solved, you’re not alone. We’ve all struggled with those questions at times. When you want answers in these areas, ask yourself this question:

    If a miracle happened tonight, and when you woke up tomorrow, everything turned out exactly as you desired – how would you know a miracle had occurred? What would you feel, see, hear, smell, taste and believe that beyond doubt would assure you; IT HAPPENED! We’ve used this with many people across the world, and it’s very effective. The reason is that “the miracle” frees your mind to go beyond the limitations it held earlier. Exciting? Actually, it’s miraculous

    Here are just a handful of the Visionboard.tv benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • Simplicity! Creating your own personalized visionboard with our tool doesn't require any high-tech skills whatsoever. Easy, fast, fun, and inspiring, visualizing your ideal future in all areas important to you is only minutes away!
  • Affordability! Many ask us how we're able to offer such an invaluable tool so inexpensively. The answer is simple: Making it accessible to all - including you - is part of our company’s vision, and core values and beliefs! Worth many times the symbolic price, the feedback of excitement and gratitude from thousands of users on all continents simply energizes us to keep streamlining personal development resources and unmatched support, in your favor!
  • User-friendliness! We don't clutter our tool with any unnecessary bells and whistles. Our experienced professionals have their fingers on the pulse of everyday people, and therefore carefully include exactly what you need in order to start attracting what you want into your life, and energizing your ability to be and become all you can be. With visionboard.tv, you're now just a few minutes away from starting to program your mind, feelings and neurology in the only way known to indisputably work in your favor!
  • Proven effective! You can rest assured that the world's leading teachers, authors, researchers, coaches and professional helpers embrace and endorse the key principles driving the success and proven effect visionboard.tv now offers you. We also trust tens of thousands of everyday users of all backgrounds and nationalities, as they conclude that our system is battle-tested and proven as the most critical travel companion for success and fulfillment in the trenches of real life!
  • Portability & versatility! Our tool is the first online Visionboard of its kind ever devised. Many allude to “portability”, and rightfully so… IF you can bring your PC or laptop along every time you go on a trip, to a meeting, or otherwise leave your home or office. With visionboard.tv, even the big “IF” is out of question. Briefly stated, as soon as you have created that all-important visual expression of your ideal future, consisting of dream images, positive affirmations, and power words combining your vision with the feelings and emotions you'll have when your dreams have been manifested into reality in your life - you can instantly pull it up on any computer, anytime; anywhere in the world! We've seen people working on and enjoying their personalized Visionboards on for instance computers in hotel lobbies, offices, and in the residences of friends and relatives, even when they were thousands of miles away from home. This is breaking all barriers and a first-class example of true portability and unmatched versatility. You'll enjoy it!
  • Personalized screensaver! Among our multitude of cherished features, this one probably ranks highest of them all. After you have created your unique visionboard, with an image of yourself in the middle, and pictures, positive affirmations and power words jointly offering a visual representation of the new reality you'll attract, you can easily set this as a screensaver on your computer. Research shows that this will powerfully boost your new, positive belief systems, and catapult you toward realization of your most closely held dreams, goals and visions. And it gets even better!!! With true portability, you can even download and apply your personalized screensaver on any (Windows based) computer anywhere in the world, at any given time. Your visionboard as a screensaver moves in delicate patterns, which make it easier for your subconscious mind to anchor and accelerate the process of manifesting ideal outcomes in every important area of your life!
  • Personalized wallpaper! As with the screensaver, your personalized wallpaper will also assist you in focusing on your goals and dreams every single day, at home, at the office, and even when you're on the road. Both the screensaver and a wallpaper functions allow you to select from lots of beautiful background colors. Make sure you have fun as you experiment with the color options, and all the other dynamic alternatives you'll have at your fingertips immediately after you sign up for visionboard.tv!!
  • Image library! People love the flexibility of our system. You can use your own pictures already stored on your computer (e.g. of yourself, your spouse, your kids, friends, dream home, favorite vacation, hobby, leisure activities, etc.). In addition, you also get free access to our image library, where you can choose from more than one thousand pictures covering almost any conceivable goal, dream and ideal condition imaginable. This combination of your personal pictures and our huge library vouches for the easiest creation of your most inspiring and truly super-charged visionboard!
  • Library of positive affirmations & power words! In order to make the process manageable and exciting, you also get free access to our great collection of positive affirmations and power words. Besides being able to choose different pictures in as many as seven categories, below each picture you can write your positive affirmation or goal-statement, and – importantly - the feeling you’ll have when you reach that goal. With this time-tested and proven approach, you can now easily create your own manifestations, or use some of the many options available in our library. We have included this in order to make sure that the creation of your personal Visionboard remains simple and inspirational. Even if you don't use the exact affirmations and power words in our library, we know from experience that people treasure the ideas and guidance they provide during the process of affirming positive beliefs and instilling your new mental map for growth, success, happiness, and true fulfillment!
  • Send function! The ability to share your goals and visions with others is a phenomenal benefit with important value. First, it's a proven fact that you are more likely to achieve your goals when you share them with someone who supports you, and perhaps even holds you accountable as a loyal encourager. Your commitment to your ideal future will simply increase! Also, thousands of certified coaches already using visionboard.tv attest to the fact that if you are helping others achieve their goals, our tool provides much-needed structure to the Coach - Coachee relationship. And remember, since visionboard.tv is the only online and totally interactive system of its kind anywhere, with true portability, you can even make changes to your personal Visionboard and/or send it to anyone (Coach, spouse, accountability partner, boss, friend etc.) from any computer in the world! Visionboard.tv follows you - not the other way around!!!
  • Print function! You want to populate your brain and internal roadmap with images and statements that affirm positive beliefs as often as possible, in as many places as possible. That's why we included the ability to print out your whole Visionboard on one page, and even print out each area of importance on separate pages, thus instantly creating your own personal Dreamboard. By strategically placing print versions of your Visionboard in multiple places, you strengthen the laser-focus that automatically leads you to inspired action even more!
  • Visionboard Audio Guide! There's no reason to feel insecure about the technical aspects of using our system. To make sure you get detailed and educational support, we will even include our own Audio Guide, very shortly, because we want to make your journey with us very pleasant and simple. In addition to our online written instructions, you can then click the sound file anytime, and listen to helpful guidance as you go!
  • The Visionboard Journal™! On or before September 25th we're proud to be launching the first Visionboard Journal™ of its kind worldwide. This FREE publication gives you access to uplifting articles, great inspiration, dynamic guest writers, and exciting interviews. Add special offers and surprises for subscribers like you only, and you have the perfect power-source for success and personal growth!

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We’re sure you want to unleash more of your own potential and achieve goals that really make a significant difference in your life. Right? Visionboard.tv directly addresses the ‘software’ that runs in your brain. This is going to become a monumental shift for you: Life will become much better, balanced and success-filled when your mind works for you and not against you. Thought-leaders, scientists, coaches, and millions of everyday users are all in unison on this proven fact. And today, it’s your turn to join ranks with those that claim proactive responsibility for their own lives and future!

With Visionboard.tv, we have simplified methods that actually do work in order to engage your mind, neurology and feelings to help you obtain what you want, and be all you can be. It certainly makes the process of defining and visualizing your dreams and achieving your goals easy, fun, and effective.

Remember; what you focus on increases in your experience. Visionboard.tv enables you to gain and anchor new perspectives. They can transform your reality, and bring results that elicit the sense of fulfillment, success, peace, security and abundance we all desire.

What do we mean by focus? The combination of thought and emotion! Whether you are conscious about this or not, what you focus on plays a major role in what you actually create and attract into your life. Many refer to this as the Law of Attraction, and our Visionboard helps ensure that your focus is on what you actually want - not the other way around! To attract what you do want, imagine having what you desire and feel the way you'll feel when you already have it - as often as possible! By altering and re-programming your inner mental map, and populating your sub-conscious with images and affirmations of success, unstoppable processes occur. Visionboard.tv simply allows you to answer these most essential questions:

  • What do you want?
  • How will you know when you get it?
  • What is your vision of the good life?

Your decision to make the small investment in our hugely powerful system will cause you to clear away the obstacles to success, and start to achieve the results you want. When you choose Visionboard.tv, which people call "...quite simply the most elegant, enjoyable, simple and efficient way of learning and using proven visualization and goal achievement techniques", you will cause a steady increase in your life. The decision to use it regularly will cause you to learn and attract true fulfillment more rapidly than you ever thought possible. You’ll break the bonds of unconscious and self-limiting habits. Instead of attempting to move forward with mental and emotional handbrakes on - slowing you down - you’ll create an inner environment with a new focus. It will support you toward achieving your outcomes, and living a process more meaningful and fulfilling than ever before!

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Why subscribe to Visionboard.tv immediately? The reasons are endless!

  • Design and visualize your ideal future today!
  • Program your mind’s eye for success!
  • Become conscious of what you want!
  • Learn how to know when you’ve achieved your desired outcomes!
  • Trust that your whole neurology works for you, not against you!
A Personal Note From Our CEO & Founder
Dear Friend!

Congratulations and welcome to the power of visualization and the attraction of the dreams, goals, health, happiness and prosperity that soon will constitute an incredible life for you and your loved ones! Why am I offering you my congratulations? Because as a user of Visionboard.tv, you’re about to join the thousands of smart men and women who...

Utilize proven steps and principles to making their dream life a reality!

Instead of wasting time, money and resources on merely “struggling and trying”, they take decisive action for lasting change in all areas of their lives. Nothing makes me happier than seeing individuals and families on all continents truly blossom and succeed, believe me!

So, in case you’re still sitting on the fence about whether Visionboard.tv is the right investment for you, I’m going to make it easy for you with a stunning price I think will make our offer truly irresistible. But I won’t stop there! I’ll also take all the risk out of the equation for you by offering our...

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

backed by a...

90-Day Full Money-Back Guarantee

I believe in our system. I get stacks of emails from satisfied customers telling me how much it has helped them attract life-changing abundance. That’s why I’m confident that when you use it, you’ll agree that it’s the easiest, smartest, and most affordable and user-friendly approach to visualizing your goals and dreams, and consistently making them come to fruition. So, if you're not totally happy with what you get from Visionboard.tv, I don't expect ... or want ... your money. (In fact, I'd be embarrassed to keep it). If you’re not satisfied, all you have to do is send us an email and we'll happily refund your money in full. No questions…no hassles…no kidding. It’s as simple as that!

But listen to this: That's about as fair as it gets, don't you agree? My team and I have done all we can to make this easy for you. Now it’s your turn!

Please don’t delay. I wish you bountiful success!


Birgit Semundseth
CEO & Founder
A Division of Lifemastering Int’l. & Lifemastering USA

Ordering is easy…

All you need is a VISA or Mastercard and you can order online and receive instant access to your PERSONAL VISIONBOARD...

And don’t worry. Your privacy is important to us! The order process is totally secure. Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank, and no one but the bank has access to your sensitive information.

… and the price is right.

You’re probably wondering what all this is going to cost you. But before we get to that, let’s talk about what Visionboard.tv is worth. After 3 years of R&D, and extensive market testing in about 40 countries, we know that people are willing to pay up to 4-5 times what we ask in our Special Offer. And still, our annual subscription rate is...

Less than the price of a Cappuccino a month!

Why would we make it so affordable? Because we can, and because we want to! This is an online software tool meticulously developed by our eminent programmers, which you can access in a flash, and use from anywhere in the world, anytime. That’s good for you, because it means YOU can be on your way to designing your ideal future and start visualizing and living your dream in as little as 10-15 minutes from now. The place is here…the time is now… and the price:

JUST $19.97 per year

Your Personalized Visionboard.tv Is Just A Click Away
Available for Immediate Activation TODAY…

Sign up and enjoy our powerful tools
P.S. Procrastination is a common enemy that keeps taunting all of us at times. That said, if you don’t sign up for visionboard.tv NOW, at what time WILL you start visualizing and attracting the dreams and desires you hold in your heart? When will YOU experience true abundance, that special relationship you yearn for, your dream home, or other fantastic resources that will bring fulfillment to you; personally, professionally and spiritually? I simply want this for you NOW! That's why we have decided to take all of the risk out of the equation by offering you our Unconditional 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, backed by our equally Unconditional 90-Day FULL Money-Back Guarantee. Finally, to prevent you and everyone else from becoming financially strung out due to large investments; we offer everything to you at the UNBEATABLE price of just $ 19.97 a year.

P.P.S. We both know that hindsight due to delayed decision-making won't produce inspired action, right? Therefore, I strongly encourage you to integrate visionboard.tv in your daily manifestation system NOW, and start flooding your dreams, goals and mental map with images and feelings of success. Have you become familiar with the experience of trying or struggling instead? If so, this is probably the perfect time for you to find out what happens when you go beyond trying. What happens when you imagine having what you want? How does it feel? Start feeling successful, and focus on having what you want now. Visionboard.tv is the answer here, and once you’ve realized its value, we thank you for even referring your friends and colleagues to our site as well!

Web-TV: Explore the visionboard
Enjoy visionboard WebTV
Web-TV: The amazing story behind

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Read what one of the teachers from thesecret.tv says about our visionboard:

"Wow! A fun, easy, and powerful tool for instantly creating your own unforgettable super-charged and truly hypnotic visualization board! I love it!"

- Joe Vitale, author of "The Attractor Factor"


We have streamlined super win-win-win offerings to everyday people wanting to earn money, while helping others in tremendous ways! The same goes for speakers, coaches, authors, professional helpers, and organizations used to being paid for offering reputable services to their clients, members or subscribers.

We even have a unique private labeling option for those wanting to utilize our powerful software engine in order to obtain a turnkey service they can launch almost instantly - at phenomenal terms.

A huge market awaits you. Get started today!